Natura culture

Challenges include ensuring employee engagement and integration in company processes and culture, as well as developing the competencies necessary to drive growth plans


Natura revealed a growth plan with targets for the coming years that include new product categories, new brands and a commitment to developing the direct sales model, among others. To meet these challenges, the company needs to continually reinforce leadership and develop the skills and competencies required for this evolution.

Over the last two years, Natura has made changes in management structure, such as the reformulation of the People and Culture area, previously part of the Sustainability structure, and the creation of a Digital Technology area to guarantee focus on technology investments.

To ensure continuous evolution, the People and Culture area will conclude a new planning process in 2014. “We want to ensure that company values are driven further and further into the whole team's activities. We also want to streamline and integrate all company processes”, says Lilian Guimarães, vice president, People and Culture.

The changes already established include a review of performance and remuneration strategy (read more here). “These days employees value questions that go beyond money. Aspects such as flexibility, benefits and engagement need to be taken into account to offer the kind of environment and ways of working that people want”, Lilian concludes.



Career path values experience in different company areas

From trainee to director, Denise Coutinho's successful career at Natura has been built based on broad-based experience in the company and alignment with its values.

What has your career path been like?
I joined Natura in 1997, soon after graduating. I loved the company's culture, beliefs and values, which helped make up my mind for me.

I worked in marketing and spent 11 years in the perfumery category. To have a new kind of experience I moved to Human Resources, which was an extremely rich period professionally. In August 2013, I was promoted to director of this business unit.

Was starting as a trainee important for you?
It is a privilege to join the company through the trainee program. These are people the company has selected at the beginning of their career in a very competitive recruitment process, and the focus is on developing them. It is important for trainees to assume responsibility for their career and believe that they are in an organization that will offer them many opportunities.

How did the change in area benefit your career?
This broad view of the company, going beyond products and categories to encompass the sales network and other sectors, was very important in complementing my development as a business manager.

Natura has a formal tool, which is its succession pipeline. The career paths of the employees who have the potential to occupy more senior positions are tracked by their managers. Additionally, the recruitment process is open, all vacancies are posted and employees are encouraged to apply for them if they are interested.

Employee development is part of Natura's Essence. In 2010, the company launched Cosmos, a program to drive the development of leadership competencies. So far, almost 800 leaders, 57% of the company's managers, have completed the program.

The Natura trainee program is also an important gateway to and development opportunity for employees (read the following interview).

Improvement in organizational climate

In 2013, the Natura favorability rate was 78%, the best ever result in the climate survey since it was initiated in 2006. The 6 p.p. increase in the indicator reflects the changes implemented in the people management area not only in 2013, but also in previous years.

In general, the results were good in important survey items and among the administrative and operational staff, as well as the sales force.

For the coming years, the intention is to further improve climate survey methodology to enable more in-depth, detailed analyses of employee satisfaction.

Climate survey – Favorability level (%)1 2011 2012 2013
  70 72 78

1 Equivalent to the percentage of employees giving a score of 4 and 5 (Top2Box) for the items surveyed, on a scale from 1 to 5 points.