On the lookout for opportunities

How risk management tracks critical questions and drives innovation at Natura

When Natura reviewed its future vision, it was identified an opportunity to develop its direct selling model, expanding the company's reach and transformational power based on digital tools – this was the beginning of the Natura Network (read more here).

This is an example of how risk management links with new opportunities and drives innovation throughout Natura. The business model is part of the company's risk matrix, which also periodically monitors capacity to generate innovation, develop new partnerships, questions related to taxes, product quality, as well as socio-environmental aspects, such as biodiversity.

Integrated into strategic planning, risk management at Natura takes into account economic, social and environmental questions and is divided into two main groups: strategic risks, those which may affect business targets and continuity; and operational ones, related to internal processes.

The entire process is linked with risk mitigation action plans and is tracked by Comex (Executive Committee). Through its diverse committees, the Board of Directors also accompanies the evolution of the company's strategic risks.