A civic awareness network

Consulting is an activity that has high entrepreneurial potential which may be multiplied if it is linked with greater generation and distribution of wealth, care with the quality of relationships and the sustainable use of natural resources

Since 2006, the Movimento Natura (Natura Movement) has supported civic responsibility among Natura consultants in Brazil, incentivizing their participation in social and environmental causes. In 2010, the Movement launched the Acolher (Welcome) program, which recognizes these kinds of activities among NCs and provides technical and financial support for such initiatives. The program also promotes interaction among consultants with a view to sharing know-how and extending the reach of the actions already in place.

In 2014, the Natura Movement will evolve to strengthen its commitment to "good doing good", an allusion to the company's reason for being: well doing well. With the experience accumulated in eight years of work, the Movement is seeking to increase the number of people involved and to form a network to connect agents of change (people promoting social and environmental initiatives) with others who want to help – a kind of crowdfunding – which in addition to raising financial contributions, will encourage individuals to contribute with their skills and talents, among other possibilities.

To achieve this, a collaborative digital platform will be launched enabling connectivity between those promoting the initiatives and volunteers wishing to assist, in accordance with their affinities, needs, specific interests and geographical location.

The Welcome program will host a series of tools to enhance the functionality of this new network. Natura Movement indicators will also be refined. Natura is seeking to develop an index capable of measuring the social impact of its actions in order to prioritize investments that contribute to human development, particularly where the NC network is concerned.

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Network levels in Mexico

  • Natura Associate - Specialist in business management and reference in Triple Bottom Line
  • Natura Inspirer - Developing in business management
  • Natura Transformer 2 - Specialist and reference in network management
  • Natura Transformer 1 - Developing in network management
  • Natura Instructor 2 - Specialist and reference in managing direct groups
  • Natura Instructor 1 - Developing in direct group management
  • NC Natura Entrepreneur - Specialist in indication and follow up
  • NC Natura consultant - Specialist in Natura consulting (sales)

Business and environmental initiatives in Mexico

Carolina lives in Veracruz, a Mexican port with just over 500 thousand inhabitants.She has been a Natura consultant since 2010 and already has more than 600 other consultants in her sales network. Sheis an excellent illustration of the Natura international operation that saw the highest growth in NC numbers in 2013: 32%, reaching the landmark number of 100,000 at the beginning of 2014.

This performance is the result of the evolution of a differentiated commercial model that Natura designed exclusively for Mexico and started to deployin 2011:the Sustainable Relationship Network. The model is based on multilevel direct selling to ensure adherence with the local market, where this door-to-door sales system is very common. The model is highly entrepreneurial, offering resellers greater autonomy as a means of driving business growth. The Sustainable Relationship Network preserves this principle but is differentiated by the incorporation of inclusion and sustainability-related concepts to promote actions that will generate positive local development impacts.

“It involves team work in which everyone grows together. This requires a great deal of effort, but is very rewarding,both in terms of income and personal growth”, says Carolina. As a Transformer 2, she has two stages to go to reach the highest level in the network, that of Natura Associate, which is what she is aiming for.

Mexico is strategic for Natura as it is a large market of cosmetic products - the second in Latin America after Brazil, with $ 9.9 billion a year, with 24% of transactions made ​​by direct selling. "It is a country with a strong sales culture by relationship and Natura still holds 1% of this market. “This demonstrates our vast growth potential there, concludes the vice presidente, International Business, Erasmo Toledo.

In the system designed by Natura, Mexican consultants have eight hierarchical levels that can ascend as well as many training tools. Besides attracting new members for your own network and assist their development within theirgroup, such as training other leaders, consultants should promote environmental initiatives in their communities to achieve the highest levels of the chain.

A presence in Mexico is strategic for Natura, because the cosmetics market is big – the second largest in Latin America after Brazil. It is worth US$ 9.9 billion a year, and 24% of the transactions are via direct sales. “It is a country that has a strong relationship selling culture, and Natura has a 1% share in this market. This illustrates our huge growth potential in the country”, says vice president of International Businesses, Erasmo Toledo.



Seeking a broader world view

Why did you decide to work with Natura?
I had never worked in sales and I saw an advertisement in a magazine. I was interested in Natura because I like the products and I really appreciate the company’s philosophy, which encompasses environmental care and personal relationships.

How did you manage to form a group of 600 consultants?
I joined Natura in 2010. I attend every workshop the company gives and I have done all the internet programs. I want to be fully prepared to pass information on to the consultants in my network. I also bring in specialists to speak in workshops I organize on motivation, sustainability, internet tools, finance, or other subjects for the network.

The Network is like a second family to me. In addition to work, we go out together, organize birthday parties. Working with Natura, these consultants have discovered new personal qualities. This is what I like most: helping others to discover things they did not know about themselves, to unleash their potential and help them develop a broader world view. That is what happened to me.

What sustainability measures do you promote with your network?
Water contamination is an area of concern for us, and we decided to collect cooking oil from homes and deliver it to a company that transforms it into biodiesel. We got in touch with the company and with the public authorities, and we started collecting oil in May 2013, from our own homes, from neighbors and relatives. This was the way we found to help mitigate the problem. Now we want to expand the initiative, to get more people and households involved. We also want to support single mothers-to-be, to provide them with training and other kinds of assistance. At the moment we are studying the best way to do this.

Is being a consultant good for you in financial terms?
My family income has practically doubled in this time, we have bought a car, remodeled our home and I help to pay for family trips. It has changed my life.

How do you see your future with Natura?
I want to be a Natura Associate, the highest level in the network. I like to see things through to the end.

In the Natura system, the Mexican consultants may rise through eight hierarchical levels and are offered many training tools. In addition to attracting new members to their network, helping to develop the consultants in their group and training new leaders, consultants need to engage in socio-environmental causes and actions in their community to be promoted to the highest levels of the structure.