Belief in the power of relationships is manifest in the natura network: around 7 thousand employees, over 1.6 million ncs and more than 5 thousand suppliers and outsourced suppliers, among others


Natura believes in the potential of relationships and in the power of cosmetics to expand people's consciousness, helping them connect with their own body, with the surrounding environment and with other people. This way of thinking and acting is expressed in business conduct aligned with sustainable development, with the creation of products and concepts that promote well being well and the strong connection Natura maintains with its relationship network.

This network comprises approximately 7,000 employees, 1.6 million Natura Consultants (NCs) and almost 14,000 Natura Consultant Advisors (NCAs) – in addition to more than 5,000 suppliers and outsourced suppliers (companies manufacturing products on behalf of Natura)and 32 extractivist communities.This network reaches around 100 million consumers and is present in 58.5% of Brazilian homes at least once during the course of a year.

Today, Natura is the largest company in the personal hygiene, perfumery and cosmetics sector in Brazil and also in the direct selling sector. Based in Cajamar (São Paulo), the company has a strong presence in Latin America, with operations in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Colombia and France. Company products are commercialized in Bolivia through local distributors. The structure is completed by eight distribution centers in Brazil and six in the international operations, which handle around 62,300 NC orders per day.

The brand is the leader in consumer preference in its segment, with a rate of 44%. In the International Operations, Natura is growing in awareness and preference in all the countries in which it operates. In the last five years, the company's sales network has expanded, with net revenues growing on average 13% a year.


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1 International Operations. The 2013 figure includes Aesop.


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